Siddhuni’s Peetam is a great

Troubles-losses difficulties, annoyances, dangers and destructions, what causes them, is not the root cause of sin! For those who teach a good way to get rid of it and listen to that good way, those who listen to that good way, the pain, loss and sorrow experienced due to sinful karma, what is written in the head writings through some methods, the original power that is the source of changing the head writings is magical, mysterious and removes the sinful karmas through the Siddhas, perfect happiness slows down, the blessing of satisfaction ( Siddham) the place of giving Siddhu Peetha.

Om Sri Adiparashakti is the presiding deity We hope to make the body beautiful. We hope that Prana will be stable. But we lose hope to beautify the mind and increase virtues. Rain in rainy season, sunny in dry season and cold in cold season comes with a decision period called “destiny”.

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